Hurricane Debris Removal

  • sub contracting opportunities

    At this time the certification yard has been closed in Miami Dade and we are not currently measuring any new trucks. We are beginning the second phase of this operation and will post upcoming contracts as they arrive. Presently I am working on the contract requiring a large number of 100+ yard trucks, and end dumps with walking floors.

  • Alert - Special request

    Debris Removal, LLC is in need of 5 (five) 1200 hp tub grinders to work in the Miami/Dade market. Please fill out a contractor registration form ASAP and I will call you back before the day is out. Please include your hourly/daily rate.

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    NOTICE: Hurricane Irma is one of the largest named storms to hit Florida in the history of the state.
    There are thousands of tons of storm debris that need to be removed.

  • We are currently coordinating several projects and developing plans for future demolition and construction.

  • Current news & developments

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  • Needed right now:
    Truck and dump trailer combinations, skid steer's with grapples, tractors with grapples, self loader's.
    Currently flag men are not required.
    With each team we will need two orange traffic cones and safety vests for all team members.

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